Religious teachers get sexual pleasure

Religious teachers get sexual pleasure out of being the Alpha male in the room even when they are not actually have sexual intercourse with the women.
It is the good feeling men get when they receive approval from women. It is part sexual (He thinks: "She’s happy with me, so maybe I’ll get lucky"), and part seeking approval from mommy. This same motive can manifest in seemingly opposite actions. A religious teacher who sets himself up as the only real man in the room is seeking the adulation of all of the women in the congregation. He wants their attention and approval all for himself, and is jealous that another man (their husband) would receive what is in his mind rightfully his. On the other side we have the more straightforward groveling beta male, who thinks by lowering himself (along with all other men), he will gain women’s approval.
Both strategies work in that they generate the "high". However, only the Alpha Male religious teachers receives sexual attention from the women they are posing for.

I can imagine many people have suspected this but not been able to put it into words. It tends to lower the desire to go to church when you realize that you are feeding into the Alpha Male's sexual pleasures.