Joseph Horwitz of Navardok emphasized trust in God

Each of the disciples of Israel Salanter brought a different message into the world.
One disciple Joseph Horwitz of Navardok emphasized trust in God.

In Kings 2 chapter 7 we find Elisha (a prophet) saying tomorrow wheat and barley will be sold for pennies.

The שליש (secretary of the treasury) asked, "How is that possible? If God would make windows in the heavens, could such a thing be?" Shomron [Samaria] was under siege by the Syrians.

Elisha said, "You will see but not eat from it."

Then next day the secretary was trampled and died.

Joseph Horwitz {Navardok} asked why people that ask the same question do not get the same punishment?
He said: "They do. They see others sitting and learning Torah, and somehow God provides for them, but they themselves are sentenced to a life sentence of hard labor."

Trust in God was the message brought by Navardok.

This got mixed up to some degree with learning Torah. But in fact no yeshiva is depending on trust in God except the Mir in NY. All other yeshivas tell a lie that it is  a mitzvah to support them and thus turn the Torah into a means to be making money. [Don't be fooled by their rhetoric. They are definitely looking for ways of conniving and convincing  people to give them money. They definitely are not trusting in God. ]

To some degree I had confidence in God for some time. Then I faltered. Still, I would like to let people know there is such a thing as trust in God,  and He reciprocates when one really has complete trust in Him.

I see most of the world is far from this Navardok approach. That is sad because I see a lot of other approaches and systems being tried. Reb Israel Salanter's the original idea was that the main aspects of Torah are good character, Fear of God and Trust in God. Many other systems are being trying --the USA Constitution, communism etc. Personally I see that Reb Israel Salanter was right. That the main thing about Torah is character and the way to gain good character is by learning Musar.