Western women -what is wrong with them?

Here is a nice comment on Dalrock which seems to be pretty clear about the major difficulties that one finds with Western women. Just some background the beginning of his comment he is quoting another comment:

"If you take a shot with the wrong woman, your life could be over….
Your life will be over either way. You will lose the game if you never shoot in basketball.
Yeah, you may miss and turn it over. So what?
I tell you what.
– you’ll get thrown into jail for failing to pay court-ordered child support after losing your job; you’ll get anally raped while your wife gets railed by some alpha lout she found on Tinder, getting his rancid sperm shot into her various orifices
– you’ll be prevented from seeing your children; your slut of a wife will decide to cohabit with some alpha lout, who ends up molesting your children, and that bitch does nothing to stop it
– your passport will be revoked
– your gun permit will be revoked
– you’ll get registered as a sex offender due to a false accusation
– you’ll never find a decent job again
– your house and car will get taken away

But yeah, “so what”, right?"

[link to dalrock]

This seems to be a good argument to marry the rosh yeshiva's daughter if you ask me.