The world today is different from the one I grew up in. My parents and teachers and friends were wholesome moral and amazing. Something about the world changed.Some shift or consciousness to make  everyone change in someway. It was perhaps more simple for me to see because for  period I had been isolated from the world. When I emerged everything about people and they way they thought had changed in significant ways. It must be like Carl Jung had said about the collective Consciousness.
Very weird and strange doctrines were accepted as normal  that a few years ago would have be dismissed as serve cases of schizophrenia.

I meant feminism and many of the modern ''mishagases''[insanities]. But also something more subtle. People in the USA were looking at many possible solutions to the question "What is Truth?" But the answers had some basis in reality of known experience. It was not common to say  some nice sounding principle and then everything else after that had to fit into that box. Feminism just postulates men and women are equal in everything. And after that everything else has to follow including nature. And if nature does not want to agree, "We will make her agree. We will show Mother Nature who is boss around here. And don't you forget it."

So we get the idea that the sexes are interchangeable. That is juts one area of insanity. Nowadays there are many more. Some religious in nature. Some political. When people have some kind of schizoid personality problem and cant focus their insanity in some religious sphere because of the nature of society they instead do it in regard to politics.