Israel Salanter

Israel Salanter thought people need to learn Ethics. That is you should not expect them to be born with ethics, or to just pick it up from some religious context, but to learn it actively. He was focusing on a certain set of Mediaeval books, but the principle applies across the board. That is even if ethics is mentioned in religious books, that does not automatically help. Ethics has to be learned as subject in itself. Judgybitch: Do men and women learn the same ethics, or different ones? Avraham: It would be the same ones. There are the classical ones and later works built on the classics. But the principles are the same. This is along story. In any case the books of Ethics that I like the most were the Obligations of the Heart and also two more recent books of disciples of Israel Salanter. One emphasizes trust in God. But the general gist was more along the lines of fear of God and good character traits.The general idea was to put emphasis on one's obligations, not one's rights. BG Why would God be a component in treating fellow humans equally? What is wrong with old fashion "mutual respect"? Or, the old adage, do on to others, as u would want others to do onto you. What I find most hypocritical, is women preach this to their children, and yet, Avraham rosenblum to BG All true critiques. Like I said this is a long story. I wish I could make it short. There is a connection between fear of God and character. But not fear of God in the way the religious fanatics think of it. [I should mention that my parents sought to instill ethics in my brothers and me as their parents before them.]