Nationalism seems to be related to Hegel. I noticed this before but did not write  a comment because I felt I did not know Hegel at all. Still the connection is there. And for some reason I think Allen Bloom might have been thinking along the same lines when he said that "Hegel was the greatest university man that ever lived." So while not recommending a Hegelian State he still obviously saw lot of potential in Hegel. From my perspective this is awkward since my own intellectual framework is close to Kant.

Zionism is certainly related to Hegel. And scholars have said that clearly Rav Kook's ideas were influenced and sometime borrowed from Hegel.

The Alt Right seems pretty much to have the idea of patriotism and nationalism in mind.

You could justify Hegel in this way: he is referring to a plane of existence in which objective idealism is true. The relation between Hegel and Kant is the same as the relation between Quantum Mechanics and relativity. Both are true but refer to two separate planes of existence. We know both are true. GPS proves both Special Relativity and General Relativity every day. The double slit experiment proves quantum mechanics. [GR says the clock on the satellite will go faster since it is further out from earth. SR says it goes slower because it is moving. So you adjust its rate by about 38 micro seconds per day slower.]