Ideas in Bava Metzia  Ideas in Shas

The idea here is mainly that the Torah--the Law of God-is not temporary. That is the laws of God in the Five Books of Moses are meant to apply for all generations. And that makes it necessary to keep them and to do that we need to work out what each law requires.
That is the basic job of the Talmud. The Talmud does not claim divinity but it does depend on the idea of the "Background." That is that the laws of God are not dependent on individual interpretation but that they  have an objective meaning.

[The trouble is those that claim to represent the Law. They tend to be liars and to be using the Law to get Money. The best thing is the separate the Law from Money. People that ask for money to learn Torah should be told to get a job and not use Torah to make money. Or they pretend to be doing some kind of public service.] Nowadays Torah has become a huge business and everyone keeps on lying about it as if this is permitted or desirable. And one that dares say that Torah and Money should be separate is considered a traitor to all those that want to use it for money.

The trouble is schizoid personalities that made rituals to be the one thing that could help when situations were troublesome. These half insane people got to define what Torah is about because of their extreme adherence to rituals