Marriage in secular USA

Marriage in secular USA and the West has been a bad deal for a long time. It can be assumed that this fact  has been a major factor in in rise of yeshivas that pretend to promote family values.
It  is a simply case of push and pull. The secular world is obviously sick. That is a force to push out. The force to pull in is the way Lithuanian yeshivas used to be in Europe when the stress on family values was real. But transplanting that has not worked.

Thus what I recommend is not to depend on the system anymore. Rather learn Torah and a vocation at the same time and serve in the IDF and do not make excuses.

Avi Preder suggested to me the idea of a "Beit Midrash" (study hall) as opposed to a yeshiva.
That is to say I am not the only one to see that while the yeshivas were idealistic at one time, they were ruined by success.

[I think the Torah alone approach is simply not the best approach from several angles. Though it worked for great people like Rav Shach and Reb Aaron Kotler, it does not seem to produce the high kind of individual you would hope for.

People feel the need for a holy man, a shaman, to intercede. This need people try to use for their advantage for themselves and their yeshivas. They want people to feel good about themselves when they give money that worthy cause. In most cases it is not a worthy cause, but a scam.