The soft sciences I do not think are science at all but propaganda dressed in the clothing of science. But for the hard sciences, I do not think they contradict the Torah.

This all came about from the Enlightenment project of depriving kings and priests of their power and replacing them with scientists. It was inevitable at that point that once science gained the upper hand, there would be just as much abuse that had existed before in the priesthood, in kings and princes. Whoever wanted power could dress their illusions as science.

The best approach then, based on the (Rambam) Maimonides, is a balance between learning Torah and the true sciences-- Physics, Math, and STEM. The trouble however remains that the Enlightenment tried to address. Abuse of religion and politics. Abuse did not change its basic nature because it switched to science, and going back to religion does not change it ether. The Evil Inclination retains its power. As my brother put it: "people are people... are people."