There is no spoon. There is no wife.

There is no spoon. There is no wife.
 If you do decide to marry, you need her be ready to serve her needs by law, culture by command of religious leaders. You are not getting a wife. You are getting a legal, and financial and now religious liability. She knows and is proud of it. 

 Most young men looking to marry are looking first of all to lock down a woman for permanent, steady access to sex (they’re in for a MAJOR disappointment) and perhaps secondarily for a helpmeet (gonna get let down there too) or to have kids (which both the wife and the State will waste no time in reminding him constantly are theirs, NOT his).

 The modern Western women brings a large wardrobe, shoe, handbag and accessory collection to the marriage, as well as an expensive, difficult-to-fix-car. She has a well-stamped passport and can tell you what restaurants in town provide the best cuisine, if she doesn’t come with an eating disorder that makes her look down on you. I refer specifically to the various schools of vegetarianism / ovo-/lacto-/pesco-/vegan, “dark vegan”/ fruitarian. Billy will be doing his own cooking in his own pots and pans, because those “will be contaminated with meat”. Needless to say too, she comes with that greatest of assets, a pre-stretched vagina, thinking that her “experience” makes for great bonding because “she knows herself”.

We live in a strange world where any young man who is responsible, industrious, saves money, morally upright, compassionate and caring is MARKED by female predators as a man to marry/ have a kid with/ divorce and strip him of everything he ever did in his life 
[And to raise the kid she had with some Alpha Male. Cucked for life. That is forced to raise  and support the offspring of some other man. ]

I was perfectly aware of this problem many years ago. My solution was to marry the daughter of the Lithuanian Rosh Yeshiva. בת תלמיד חכם. But that did not work very well. 
[Reb Freifeld decided I was no good. And at the Mir I simply was out of my league. ] 

It does not work though if the Rosh yeshiva is a fraud as many are nowadays. In Israel especially being the head of  a yeshiva has noting to do wit Torah and everything to do wit money and power. 

Therefore: there is no wife.

Religious leaders are the worst in this regard. They advice to men to be cuckold.

[cuckold is the husband of an adulterous wife. In evolutionary biology, the term is also applied to males who are unwittingly investing parental effort in offspring that are not genetically their own.]

The cuckoo is famous for being brood parasites, laying their eggs in the nests of other species, 

Thus the cuckold husband is raising the children of  some Alpha Male.

Feminism nurtures every grievance, no matter how impossibly small, to ensure that feminists spend every day consumed with misery and anger. Moments of joyfulness are fleeting, and usually involve celebrating the harms done to men