“wives are being turned against their husbands, and a lot of money is being made.”

“wives are being turned against their husbands, and a lot of money is being made.” Far more profit in indulging in vices than healthy solutions.
My thinking about this was that I was not going to be able to fight the system. I have mentioned before that the religious teachers were the direct cause of my wife's turning against me and that the troubling aspect of this is they claim they are pro family.  For example, "Why do people turn against those who fear God? Because they are listening to Torah scholars that are demons."  (תלמידי חכמים שדיים יהודאיים. This phrase in Hebrew from the Zohar packs a real punch that the English translation just can't duplicate.)

I have good reason though for minimizing the time I spend on this subject. I am afraid people might attribute this problem to the Torah itself. That I am sure is a natural reaction. But I try to defend the Oral and Written Law and try to show that, "Abuse of the Talmud does not cancel use."

My approach was this. Regardless of who convinced her to try to turn me into a slave I decided freedom was better than slavery. She wanted to go on strike, I simply found a peachy strike breaker.

[This opinion can be supported from the example of Calev ben Yefuna. People know this person mainly as the friend of Joshua (that the Bible testifies about that he was a total tzadik). Few learn the Books of Chronicles where the list of his girl friends is given. I figure what is good enough for Calev ben Yefuna is good enough for me. See the Gra on Shulchan Aruch Even Ezer who brings this example.)