b100     b101 b105   b98  e67  e72 h69 o  mmog  [This last piece was written when I was playing a lot of Vivaldi on the streets in NY. You can tell the influence of Vivaldi right away in the development.] The idea here is to take a whole Vivaldi score [not just the Violin part] and play it on the violin by simply picking out the song from the accompaniment. You can easily do this on sight and it takes no expertise at all.The only time this might be hard is when the actual song goes into the bass and then you need to be able to read bass clef. But as a rule you can have a unlimited amount of music to play on the street by just xeroxing Vivaldi.]
[Mainly I was playing outside of Shalom's Pizza, and Dunkin Donuts and a 99 cent store owned by people from Pakistan who were always very nice to me.]

Incidentally I highly recommend this practice. You can learn an amazing amount of things by just playing through scores of Vivaldi, Bach, and Mozart because in every measure they are trying to tell you something important that you can't really hear from the music alone. Especially Mozart made his music I think with the intention to tell us important things.
[If you do this with Bach start with organ and piano pieces which are easily played on the violin. Canata's can be a bit more difficult.]

[Once you get used to reading scores you can do the same with Bach and Mozart, but it is best to start with Vivaldi. Don't do this in Manhattan because people don't give anything there. The best places are Brooklyn.] Just don't do this when you can be learning Torah. Learning Torah comes first. After you are tired, then this is a good practice.