There is a good deal of  antisemitism which I think is from a kind of anti American white sentiment. That is there is a good deal of hatred of America and American white people that  is expressed in politics.  That is anything that supports any cause that is anti Christian or Anti White is supported. And this causes a reaction. This I heard first from my study partner who suggest that this comes from a verse "As a face is to a face reflected in water, so is the heart of man towards man."

And even among Jewish people ourselves there is a considerable amount of animosity from Sephardim towards Ashkenazim and especially Ashkenazim that are from the USA. Unless particular Sephardi is in an Ashkenazim institution or yeshiva.

There is not much I can do about this but suggest that we all ought to examine our beliefs and try to base them on reason, rather than on our social group.

The problem I see with the Anti White Christian sentiment is that it is not a Torah attitude.

Just for a personal example. My family was welcomed in the USA  during times of trouble in Eastern Europe. Czar Nicholas II had approved quietly of government sponsored pogroms that were widespread in Russia and the Ukraine. World War I was devastating all of Europe. My family found sanctuary in the USA. Eventually we made our way to Southern California to Orange County. We were treated well. And the USA at the time was largely Protestant-White. So at this point in time to try to undermine this kind of wholesome, moral society seems to me to be a kind of lack of gratitude.

However I did notice the last time I was in NY that there are a lot of people that have decided that the Democrats are decidedly anti-American.  I was in Manhattan at the time, and I saw leaflets from some organization called "Jewish Republicans" or something like that. That seems to me to be  a move in a positive direction.

I have encountered  Anti-American sentiments way to much, and it turns my stomach. I am very happy to see people coming around to see the importance of Traditional American Values