The trouble with yeshivas is that most of them are rotten to the core. It goes without saying that the make believe yeshivas that are learning anything but Gemara are a joke. But even among the ones learning Gemara it has becomes a business. The idea of a real authentic yeshiva is a great idea but today almost all yeshivas are rotten with demonic religious teachers at their head.

A real revolution is in order. But where could it begin. It is hard to know there are a few real places out there like Ponovitch and Brisk and three NY Giants- Mir, Chaim Berlin, Torah VeDaat. But a real revolution needs to be carried all over the world. Torah for its own sake--not for money. How to do this I do not know. But Obviously some one knew how to do this. Avraham Kalmonovitch, Rav Isaac Hutner, Rav Elazar Menachem Shach. How they did it, I do not know. But it must still be possible