Songs for the Glory of God the Creator

This music transports me to Heaven,

l34 l35 l9 l8  l2   l1 l26  n51 n52   n53 l54  l89 [this last one is also on the other blog ]

j16 a flat major That nice sound in the middle is a piano with a flute.

q100 This I am sure needs editing but  have no idea how and a lot of it was written under duress.I beaten in the Mikveh by some deranged person. In an upset mood it is hard to concentrate.
q100 version 2 This I think is a little better. One of the problems with the first version was no modulation in the beginning and thus no way to recapitulate. So this version corrects that flaw I hope half decently. [I think after that upsetting incident I was not thinking that modulation was a good idea. Now after thinking about it it seems it probably is.]