• I do not mean to sit by the side lines as Western civilization is in a life of death or struggle for its very soul. The reason I do not write about this directly is because I write anyway that people ought to learn Torah. What is after all the basis of Western  civilization? Respect for private property, freedom individualism, rule of law, not rule of connections, or ideology. All things in Torah. [That is limited authority to government and leaders. Just like the Constitution.]

But you do need the kind of synthesis of these values found in the Constitution of the USA.
There are lots of tribalistic, superstitious, zero-sum mindset hasidic communities that live only off of charity that supposedly follow Torah. Obviously something is wrong with them

     But hasidim look to America and say: "There it is! Everything we want, everything we need, everything we've yearned for all these years! Why can they have it, but not we?"
     So mired are they in their mindset that they can't comprehend the answer. Therein lies the greatest tragedy.

 They are teenage boys: overflowing with energy, fundamentally undisciplined, prisoners of drives not yet brought under control. The USA is a beautiful older woman: lush, alluring, worldly wise, deeply sensual. We are everything they yearn for and dream they might one day have...if only they could grow up.
     The growing up part is not optional.
Despite  appearances, it's really only a tiny minority of our people who dissent from the fundamentals that make American society as dynamic, and giddily exuberant as it is. Nearly all Americans believe in the same core concepts: individual rights, private property, the free market, and the supremacy of law over connections, causes, or opinions. We build prisons to house the rest.

What makes people desire to live off the charity of others? Bad education.  Bad Education damages the soul. And it is the reason the Gra put that group into excommunication. He knew what they were teaching and still are teaching is damaging and  we can still see the results today.