The Musar (Ethics) movement has a connection with Kant.
The problem that Musar ((Ethics)) was meant to address was the disconnect between obligations between man and his fellow and and obligation between Man and God.  The idea of Israel Salanter was that by learning medieaval books of ethics one tends to correct this disconnect.
Kant was also concerned with the problem of radical evil. He thought there are only two principles. One decides to act in accord with objective morality and then he is totally good. Or he or she decides act only for self interest and then he or she is totally evil. {This would mean that one decides to act only in the interest of the group he or she is a part of that is also totally evil. This explain what is wrong with Islam--in that personal morality is not important. The spread of Islam by the sword is the major thing.} Kant in an uncharacteristic way saw a solution to this dilemma. His solution was surprisingly close to that of Israel Salanter, i.e.e to be part of a community that the requirement for membership is commitment to objective morality. That is a Musar Movement.

But any movement  can be hijacked sadly. Still the basic approach of Musar I think is right and it is important to find people of like mind. [If I had been smart I would either have stayed in the Mir Yeshiva in NY which was a Musar Yeshiva or even in Israel after I made aliyah I could have gone to the Lithuanian yeshiva of Rav Fievelson the the Old City of Safed --but sadly enough I did not have to foresight to see how important Musar is]