Israel Salanter

The main idea of Israel Salanter was to start a movement in which people would learn books of ethics (i.e specifically Medieval ethics). My complaint about this is that ethics without world view is nothing. The reason is I think what ever people do right or wrong stems from their world view. Therefore I suggest adding one ingredient to Rav Israel's program and is the books of medieval Jewish philosophy. That would be mainly Saadia Gaon's Emunot VeDeot, the Guide, Joseph Albo and Crescas's Or HaShem, Ibn Gavirol.

But this is just a suggestion. When it comes to complex situations the effect of some policy change will always be unforeseen. When policy changes are suggested it is rare to find people that hold the change to be provisional. But here I want to make it clear that this is just a suggestion. And that negative and positive effects will always result from any policy. My suggestion her is based on the idea that the benefits outweigh the risks.
Also my idea seems very obvious to me. I can't see how people can learn Talmud and Musar without having some kind of ideas about the basic justification for that system.  Or how that system applies in practical daily life.

What I have seen is that people that teach Musar supply world views that come from the crowd rather than from the Torah.
   Today I think these medieval books of Jewish philosophy are worth more than any books of mysticism or השקפה Haskafa.