Ideas in Shas with new ideas in Sukkah and laws of sin offerings in the Rambam

Ideas in Bava Metzia with new ideas.

I was not sure whether to put in the beginning my background. But it seems relevant. It seems unlikely to me I would be able to learn Talmud at all if I had not been in two great yeshivas. [Mir in New York and Shar Yashuv in Far Rockway, New York State] But I don't want to imply that they would agree with anything I wrote. My mistakes are my own. And I think all the roshei yeshivas [teachers] in both places would have been able to write ideas a million times better than mine. But these are my own minor contributions to Torah study.

[I should mention that my learning partner knows how to learn very well so I really can't say that these books would have been impossible unless I had gone to yeshiva. In any case I certainly would not have had any idea on how to approach Gemara without those two institutions.
I also think I did not appreciate at the time how rare these good places of learning were. It was some gift that I came to places that seriously know the value of Torah and what it means to know how to learn. The idea of knowing how to learn is hard to explain. Mainly it is the difference between  Leonardo Da Vinci and finger painting.