dumbing down of the USA

This is a link to  a nice youtube.

 I must admit the USA was quite different than I remembered it. I have not dealt with it on this blog much but it is my opinion that people should vote Republican no matter who the candidate is. There was a Libertarian vote in the 90s that arguably  gave the election to Clinton by siphoning off enough votes from the Republicans.
I should not have to say it, but the Republicans are much closer to Torah values than the Democrats.
For example the Talmud Bava Metzia (and in fact most of  Seder Nezikin) deals with laws of private property. There is no concept in Torah that the government can take what it wants.
This is just one example. But anyone with any knowledge in Talmud can tell you that Torah and the basic principles of the Republican part are very close to each other.