Witchcraft and heresy and political desire to overturn the government are related.
The rise of witchcraft was oddly enough after the middle ages at the beginning of the age of Enlightenment and was highly connected with the desire to undermine the rule of kings and princes.

To see this documented look here

What I wanted to bring out is that this was highly related to the enlightenment project of overturning the rule of kings.

That is witchcraft became subsumed into political movements which were directed to overturn the established order.

And this has continued until today. The KGB in fact was very aware that in the USA and in any society there are always a good number of malcontents that want to overthrow the established order.
The policy of the KGB was to encourage these elements in the USA and to give them funds in the hope of overturning the USA.

In any case even after the KGB is no longer around their effects are still apparent.