Rashi and the Rabbit

Rashi comments about the verse "God went up from him" at the end of the debate between God and Avraham about what to do with Sdom: תיקון סופרים הוא זה. "This a edit from the scribes." That is,-- Rashi is saying in the original Torah it said "Avraham went away from God." The Sofrim were not beyond making corrections when they saw fit. Therefore I suggest that that is what they did with the rabbit. The original verse given to Moses said the rabbit is not kosher because it does not chew the cud nor split the hoof. Then the Sofrim came along and saw that rabbits chew the cud, so they changed it to  כי גרה הוא יגר ופרסה לא הפריסה. [That is they left out one word "לא".] They, as we know now, made a mistake. The rabbit does not chew the cud. The original version given to Moses was correct. כי גרה הוא לא יגר ופרסה לא הפריסה. It does not chew the cud and it does not split the hoof.

[The idea of this essay is to answer a question that is sometimes brought up concerning the rabbit.]

[Actually I forget where that Rashi is. It might be at the verse of the  covenant that God made with Avraham called ברית בין הבתרים. In any case it is a very famous Rashi.]
I should mention that you can see this kind of thing in the Gemara that says in the Sefer Torah of R. Meir it was written כתנות אור וילבישם not כתנות עור וילבישם as in the modern day version. That is: In the Torah scroll of R. Meir it says  "God made for Adam and Eve shirts of light." Not "shirts of leather."