"Frum community" [the religious community]

The Hegelian idea of the State is very different from that of Howard Bloom and Hobbes. To Hegel the State is the manifestation of the Divine Idea on earth [borrowed as such by Rav Kook and to a lesser extent by Herzel.].
To Howard Bloom it is an idol. (The Leviathan.)

To go into this might be a good idea but for now let me just say to the "frum community" [the religious community] the prime mitzvah is to be part of their community. To my way of thinking, the primary sin is to be part of the frum community. It is pure idolatry, and has nothing to do with the holy Torah. It is the Lucifer Principle that swallows one's soul and absorbs it into the idol, the dark side (sitra achra). The way they get one to join is by promising things: (1) money and (2) a shiduch and (3) outward appearance of Torah. [The religious world sadlly is filled with familiar spirits.]

The way to be saved is by "יאוש" to give up all hope. Not to keep on hoping everything will be fine if you join them [as they tell you]. Just the opposite. To realize that the ways things are is the way they are supposed to be. Things did not work out because God was trying to get you to a broken spirit. To die to the things of this world and to live for Him alone.

The way to live for God is to learn and keep the Torah, the Old Testament and the two Talmuds that provide the rigorous painstakingly worked out explanation of how to go about keeping Torah. But that has nothing to do with the frum world which is a deception and scam and filled with familiar spirits and kundalini spirits.

If you let the frum community into your life, they will steal you blind (of your spouse and children and money) and leave you to rot in the wind, because they have no conscious and no soul. [As I know myself and have heard from Meirav, the major of  a frum city {Bethar} in Israel, in exactly those words: "They have no conscious" אין להם שום מצפון.] [I recall Merav had another term he used for the frum world "חיות" animals while referring to his position of having to deal with them as major of the city..]

The appearance of observing Torah is a scam in order to get money out of secular Jews. You have to inspect what kind of people are the fruits of these communities. If the fruit is rotten, you know the community itself is sick and demon filled. 

However I must make an exception for the few sincere places that truly try to keep the Torah with no pretense like the great Litvak Yeshivas in NY (Mir Torah VeDaat, Chaim Berlin) and a few in Israel like Ponovicth. [The Mir in Israel is not  a yeshiva but a bus station. Most yeshivas in Israel are  just businesses and have unclean spirits.] The good places are the Mizrachi types of places like the "Merkaz" of Rav Kook. I think the name they go by is "Bnei Akiva."

[I should mention that the Mizrachi Rav Kook path  mainly appeals to me because it is in essence the path of learning the Oral and Written Law of the Torah plus Physics and Metaphysics plus learning a vocation. ]

 (I should mention the most essential commentary Torah book on the Rambam  is the Avi Ezri of Rav Shach.]