The main trouble in the religious world is crackpots that try to bring you into their "thing."
And they always target people that are interested in that particular area, but not able to tell the difference between authentic value and pseudo value and fraud.
But this problem is pervasive and ubiquitous in the religious world.  

The main job of  a Jew is not to get fooled by these charlatans and their groups, no matter how respectable they try to make themselves seem. In fact, the more respectable they try to make themselves, all the more dangerous they are. 

Some groups, which are  content   with being  fringe  groups are  mainly OK, because they do no pretend to be other than what they are.

But in any case, for the sake of one's soul, it is best to avoid all the crackpots.
[The religious world  is prone to this for the exact same reason that make them religious. Most religious people have schizoid personality disorder. That is they are sensitive to that area of value of holiness and unholiness. But since most of this world is evil as the Ari (Isaac Luria) says therefore the vast majority of the religious are open to the areas of value of unholiness that they mistake for holiness. Thus their favorite slur is to call someone they do not like as "insane." Not "evil". It is  a classic case of projection." 
The best approach to Torah is balance. That is,-- one ought to learn and keep Torah, and be sensitive to the holiness area of value. But with balance along with the other areas of value.