Divine light

After about 8 years of Talmud study in NY in Shar Yashuv and the Mir and getting married I got to Israel and something like an amazing Divine light started. Then in Safed there was the exact same kind of thing they talk about "the electricity" along with the infinite light of God.[People that deny the reality of mystic experience are free to skip the rest of this essay.]

The way I understand this is  that God's light and salvation are not confined to dogmas and theology. However at the time I would have attributed this to going with right dogmas I imagine. It was only later  that I understood.

In any case, my basic approach I would like to define as mainly the path of my parents. That is more or less conservative Judaism, but with a special emphasis on learning Torah. The Jewish religious world itself is believe is filled with demonic spirits, especially the leaders and the books also.
The Litvak world at the time I was there I thought was however very good, but nowadays I try to stay home and mind my own business. Something seems to have gone haywire even with the greatest of the yeshivas.

So my path has is more or less what the Gra, and Reb Israel Salanter, and Rav Shach were teaching. If there is any place around today that walks in that straight Torah path I would have to say that is great, but as I said something seems to have gone wrong.

That is: they have become businesses. Greed has destroyed the yeshiva world.
Th frum world is full of counterfeit Torah.
[One practical thing to do would be to throw out all the books of the cult the Gra put into cherem/excommunication and also any book that quotes them. I am ignored. Fine. But I have said what needed to be said.