I really hate to be arguing for Hegel, but nationalism makes sense in his context and only in his context. I just can't see it anywhere else in Kant or anywhere in the German idealists. But since Hegel has limitations the only way I can salvage him is with Howard Bloom and his ideas about the social meme and the super organism. That is nationalism built around the basic set of values of Judaeo-Christian Civilization. [That is revelation in the Bible and reason {Aristotle}.]

That is nationalism based on a certain social meme is justified. But nationalism based on evil is not justified.  --So it would not be like Hegel. It might what Hegel was really thinking but it would not be that the "State" is the Divine ideal embodied on earth. Rather it depend on what the state is built on. Moral principles? Then fine. But if built on some false or evil meme, then No.

In other words, there is no idea here of self determination. Rather people that are savages should be set far away.

[I have no idea what the power that Hegel has over people is. I can see a  lot of good. I still feel he is an important part of German idealism. I would not dismiss him so off hand like Schopenhauer did. That is to say when he says things that seem to make no sense, I would prefer to try to find what he was getting at instead of dismissing him.]

So I am really arguing for states that are based on Torah principles. For example  Israel, the USA. That includes states that have a balance between church and state like Russia and England where Torah principles are embodied in the fabric of the state. 

But people whose sole ambition is the destruction of Western civilization ought to be sent far away. That pretty much means any groups that are against Western civilization.

Or as someone said on the blog AmerikaWhen someone comes for you, you have a moral responsibility to your woman and your offspring to put their asses in the grave 1st. But before it gets there, do everything possible to maintain peace without being enslaved yourself.

I can not speak for Communists. I think they were thinking in terms of “progress” and Hegel. I just do not think that the flaws in communism were all that apparent to good hearted people. At any rate, I did notice people like Richard Epstein, and Pamela Geller that are on the right track. They seem to be are invincible when it comes to defending Western values.