The approach of the Rambam (Maimonides)

The approach of the Rambam (Maimonides) is pretty clear. The Oral Law, the Written Law, Physics and Metaphysics. I mean that it is easy to miss this message if one learns only the commentary on the Mishna and the Mishne Torah יד החזקה. But you can not miss this message in the Guide for the Perplexed. (It is in the Mishne Torah also but you have to know where to look.) The thing that makes this hard for people is they think if they do not understand every word they can not go further. Or they think it is only for smart people.
But as the Rambam makes clear, the mitzvah of learning Torah is for everyone young and old smart or dumb. The only way I can see however that this is possible for myself is by the method of learning brought in the Gemara Shabat,, to say the words and go on and not even care of you understand on the first reading. For you will understand after reading the material a second and third time etc.

[What I do with some texts is to get to some point in the middle an then do the chapters in reverse order as a kind of review. That is let' say the book has 600  pages. What I do with some books is to get to page 100 and then do the section in reverse order but still in the way of just saying the words and going on. For example lets say the last chapter I did was chapter 10 with ten sections. What I dd is 10.10. Then 10.9; then 10.8, etc. This I found best for texts in Math and Physics and I also did this for the writings of Isaac Luria.