Even though I am not Christian, I can still see the need for people to learn morality from the Law of God, (the Five Books of Moses). [The truth is without R. Avraham Abulafia from the Middle Ages I would not be able to say this.]

I can see that even with learning Torah (the Five Books of Moses), people can be morally challenged, [or sometimes even worse.] But still, as much as the Oral and Written Law that people learn, the better. Now I know Christians also look at the New Testament for information about morality, and there is a lot there that I do not agree with. Still, as the Talmud said- רחמנא אמר ליעבד כי היכי דניעבד ניחא ליה

That is ''God said to do. However we do is good for him." That is God said to keep the Law of Moses. So as long as people are learning it and making a sincere effort to understand, and keep it, that is pleasing to God.

I have seen often people think that belonging to their group makes them righteous. But to me that seems like a mistake. The main thing to me is the Law of Moses, the Oral and Written Law. Not what group one is a part of.

[I have seen enough of the world to show me that without the Torah people are lacking morals. And even though in very Christian societies, people that do not actually learn Torah can pick up moral principles from the society itself. Still when the whole society is without Torah,  things looks pretty bad. ]

So my basic approach is this people should learn the Old Testament, the two Talmuds, Physics up to String Theory, and Aristotle's Meta-Physics.
I noticed the Ukraine in particular. When the church was pushed out by the Soviets it seems people grew up with no sense of right or wrong. Stealing is like bread and butter to most people in the Ukraine. If you take away the Bible from people, that is what you get. Especially I see this with the Tatars or anyone that grew up with no belief in the Bible. They have zero trustworthiness.

Opposition to the church was wrong and still is wrong. Christianity is a fundamental part of Western Civilization.