capable women

I have a lot of respect for capable women. I had a girl friend for a brief time in high school, Wendy Wilson who was amazingly smart. I think she got 1198 out of 1200 on her SAT. There have been other girls I have known like that. I have to say that to me a lot depends on the person and their character. And I have known women that were good at being wives and mothers. My Mom for example. She was probably the  best example of what I have ever seen or heard of in terms of being a good mother and wife. But she was not the only one. I remember the wife of Shmuel Berenbaum at the Mir in NY. It was not just that she was supportive of her husband and children but it was almost as if she was carrying the whole yeshiva on her shoulders. This is hard to explain or put into words. My impression is that attitude and intention is everything. A wife and mother who intends to be a good wife and mother can do so in the most amazing fashion. The trouble with feminism is it took away the desire of women to be good mothers and wives.