Women that frivorce their man have to be shunned.

Women that frivorce their man have to be shunned. And the religious teachers that encourage them to do so also ought to be shunned. {Religious teachers make  a song and dance about how pro family values they are but they are in fact on the forefront of the movement to destroy fatherhood and families and have been doing so for a very long time.}
Here is a comment from one person that did this: 

"I also do this in my own family. My wife’s brother, his wife frivorced him for cash and prizes and to f-ck another man, and I have told everyone and anyone in my married family that until she REPENTS for her sin (which she’ll never do, Pride and Satan have a strong hold on her) she is “dead to me.” I wont go over to her house and see her kids if she is there. I will not help her (or her blood family) in anyway. I ONLY want to be in the lives of her children (my nephew and one of my favorite nieces.) But I will only attend events that focus on her kids provided I don’t have to sit anywhere near that woman. Initially my red pill shunning of her was met with conflict with my father-in-law. He said I was “too good a man” to be treating my ex-sister-in-law this way, and that we had to look past it. Said it was that movie 50 Shades of Grey that made her think she could act this way. I had a little talk with him, one on one, man to man, and he understands how badly he crossed the line with me. He and I do not speak about her anymore. Slowly but surely, I have gained allies in my family against this woman. Everyone is starting to shun her. And maybe (someday) someone ELSE will think TWICE before they do what she did if they KNOW that they run the risk of losing a great and helpful family member the way I was with her prior to her running to a judge and nuking her marriage unilaterally.
Act locally as I do. It has to start small, incrementally. It all started small in destroying the family and fatherly headship. We have to start small in repairing it."