Black Violence

Alton Sterling

From Unz :
 He was on his back and his right arm was free and had started to move down toward his right pocket.
“Pinned,” in any event, is hardly dispositive [relating to or bringing about the settlement of an issue or the disposition of property]. Not when you are wrestling with a 6’4″, 300 man who is still struggling against you and has a gun in his pocket.

Police either will not be indicted or will be found not guilty if they are.

The author of that comment is anonymous but he clearly has a background in law because of his use of "dispositive." [Maybe the fellow is a lawyer in the US]

Alton Sterling was a trouble maker. He has been arrested many times. The cops know him and now they get radio traffic that he has pulled a gun on someone. The arrive at the scene and talk to "al" and he will not give up his gun. He will not let them pat him down. He begins to struggle and get loud (usual negro behavior). A wrestling match ensues and they try to Taser him but for some reason that does not work. They pull him to the ground to try to restrain him. He begins writhing and fighting and his hand seems to be around the pocket with the gun. One officer yells "GUN" and they fear he is getting a hand on it. The other cop shoots Alton. He should have been shot. It was a 'good' shooting. You cannot let this angry black get to his gun and shoot you. Blacks get shot because they do not follow orders. They do not have any common sense. They think laws are not for them. They are always angry or sullen at the police and start fighting for nothing. Suddenly,...they are shot and the rest of them go ape. They never learn.


A second video of the incident has been uncovered, and journalist Phillippe Berry has uncovered a version of this film in 720 that strongly suggests that Alton Sterling’s right hand was not tied up in any way at all.

This unsecured right arm, potentially able to reach the weapon in his right front pocket, dramatically raises the threat to officers. This is looking more and more like a clean “good shoot” as more details emerge.

Gwoobus Harmon said...
So many things to say about this incident. I will start with a funny sidebar first.

I had to drive from New Orleans to the northern part of the state on Tuesday. I took a shortcut off of the interstate and hit a U.S. highway to skip the Lafayette leg of the trip and shave off about 45 minutes. While passing through the tiny town of West Baton Rouge on this stretch of highway, I came upon an intersection for local traffic. There was a negro hanging out on the side of the highway and I was stopped at the red light. I witnessed through my rear view mirror him attempt to carjack a vehicle three cars behind me. The snap of the door handle was loud enough that I could hear it even from that distance and with my windows up. The car quickly cut through the center lane and sped away. He then turned and jogged to the vehicles closer to the light, one of which was mine. I went for my weapon just in case. Then the light turned green before he could attempt to enter the other vehicles and everyone exited the intersection. This was around 3 in the afternoon!
It is a special breed down here!