There is a lot to discuss in terms of Communism. My basic point of view comes from learning Torah. One of the most fundamental aspects of Torah learning in yeshiva is the "three Bava's" which are about civil law. The main idea that you get there is people have a right to their own property.That idea is already in the Ten Commandments but it gets emphasized in the three bava's. Still to defend capitalism is possible from a purely secular point of view. See Michael Huemer's critique of Marxism. As far as it goes in practical terms there is a lot to discuss. I have seen a lot of good that the Soviets did for their own people and a good deal of the problems that came with the system. And the same for the USA. So to argue from empirical evidence or experience or philosophy is possible but to me it is simpler to go by the Ten Commandments "Thou shalt not steal." That is people have  a right to their own property.