I think Harvard and Yale were penetrated by the KGB somehow. Probably not by hard core bribery, but by the soft sale. That is, the KGB probably had their best and brightest wine and dine and discuss polices and political philosophy  with the best students from those places. This should not have been all that hard. Based on reason alone one could argue from Hegel and a whole long list of great thinkers.

All the KGB needed to do was to send over people that could argue convincing from Hegel and the whole long string of Leftist philosophers and talk to the most impressionable and brightest students from the 1970 and on. See the utube by Bezmenov. They did not need to convince all of America's youth. All they needed to do was to penetrate the top universities. And they had plenty of funding for this kind of operation. And there is no question they spent most of their funding on disinformation;- and most of that on the "Glavni protivnik," the top enemy- the USA.

So that leaves two questions. How to argue from Schopenhauer and Kant? This would be better than Hegel. Second-what if Hegel had some good points?

I do not find Kant to be any less than Hegel, and I think good arguments could be made. But the Right is not as interested in power as the Left. The Right wants nice neighborhoods, and to go to school, and pay its bills. and go to church on Sundays.

The Left wants pure unadulterated power. There is no contest when it comes to passion. The Left is foaming at the mouth. The Right is nice sedate old guys in country clubs.

I should mention that I am on the side of traditional Judaic-Christian Civilization and values. But I realize you have to argue for this from the side of Kant. You can't simply argue from faith, or even from the Rambam. You need to have a rigorous intellectual basis for faith.

There are problems in Christianity, but the vector is toward Torah. See the Guide of the Rambam about the parable of the king where he shows that the vector is everything. [That is I think in the last chapter before volume 3 or 4 in the Guide.]