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 I can still see the need for people to learn morality from the Law of God, (the Five Books of Moses)

I can see that even with learning Torah (the Five Books of Moses), people can be morally challenged, [or sometimes even worse.] But still, as much as the Oral and Written Law that people learn, the better. 

I have seen often people think that belonging to their group makes them righteous. But to me that seems like a mistake. The main thing to me is the Law of Moses, the Oral and Written Law. Not what group one is a part of.

[I have seen enough of the world to show me that without the Torah people are lacking morals. When the whole society is without Torah,  things looks pretty bad. ]

So my basic approach is this people should learn the Old Testament, the two Talmuds, Physics up to String Theory, and Aristotle's Metaphysics.