(1) The first night of Passover. Count the actual new moon as the first day of the month.
The way you count is you consider the first day--the day of the new moon to be the first day on the month. That is day 1. Then you count up from there until day 15. That gives you the first day of Passover.

(2) It is strange that the blessing for when the twelve constellations come [rise above] the horizon is not said anymore. Nor the blessing when any of the seven planets come into the constellation of the sheep.
(3) It is strange the opinion of the Rambam concerning Physics and Metaphysics is ignored when it is not the custom to ignore any of his other opinions.
(4) It is strange that the after blessing which refers to "nefashot" should be counted masculine when the word ''nefesh'' is in general feminine. Not always. But as a rule Nefesh is feminine.  In fact the only exception I can think of is in Leviticus. But the rest of Tenach {Old Testament} has it as feminine.

(5) Mazah is not any different than the pancakes you cook in the morning. The only real difference is that the dough should be thick in order to be considered as bread. But if you should make a normal pancake with oatmeal or wheat flour with water in a thick dough and spread in on a frying pan-that is matzah. Unless dough sits still for 18 minutes before being cooked it is the same as any matzah.
(6) Cleaning for Pesach is a good thing however it has nothing to do with bread crumbs. The Gemara says crumbs are nullified automatically even if you did not do so openly.

(7)  The reason people go overboard with these things seems to be to be a result of schizoid tendencies. Or perhaps some kind of evil inclination to get people to focus on things that are really just adding to the law in order to distract attention form what the Law does in fact require.
Some people just want the appearance of keeping the law so that naive will pay them to do rituals.
Pesach is a good example.