Making and keeping friends. Getting married and staying married and having good children. How to do this?

Marriage is great 

marriage and friends is what life is about. 

Making friends, finding acceptance, falling in love, and becoming lovable  present  real and lifelong challenges for human beings in every culture.  Friendship is a philosophic problem because  a man or a woman without friends, real friends, is incapable of the fullest flourishing. Such people will always just miss capturing the deepest sort of happiness. The time to address youthful eroticism is before the wounds of rejection and insecurity become lasting scars. 
How to make and keep friends and a spouse. Two problems everyone thinks about but no one addresses.

Adults are too busy to take a hand in such matters. The youth suffer. They  grow up, reenact the same ineptitude with their own kids, and spend their time browsing the self-help stacks of bookstores.  Where are adults who should care about youths and their ability to channel love and eros to its proper end: making friends and a wife and kids?

So people know they need help but have no where to go. The question is under the surface of consciousness. So it can never be expressed.

To answer this question people get attracted to cults that claim to answer these concerns. They pour their time efforts and money into false leaders that pretend to be able to answer these concerns. 

So the problem of cults is a deeper problem that relates to the very essence of what a human being is.

People in Lithuanian yeshivas will recognize immediately what I am talking about. They know that the Litvak yeshiva is probably the best forum and environment for making and keeping friends and getting married and staying married and having good children. They know it is not a cult. It is the exact opposite. But what bothers me is that sometimes it does not do this function very well.
This fact seems not to be addressed at all anywhere. I found that the effect can be the opposite of what you would except.