Physics and Mathematics, Law of God

The Law of God has different aspects. In the world of human interactions it is the Oral and Written Law. In the physical world it is Physics and Mathematics. But it is one Law. That is how the Rambam {Maimonides} understood Torah. This is reflected in his writings often. One place is when he says one should divide his day into three parts. One 1/3 he says should be the Oral Law and in the category of the Oral law are the subjects of פרדס has he explained them in the first four chapters of Mishne Torah. {Physics and Metaphysics}.This is  but is a manifestation of the Rambam's world view of one law inside of everything, but if manifested differently according to the receivers. That is there is One Law but it is diffracted according to the subject matter.
He also does not think it is open to individual interpretation but neither to anyone else or any group.
To the Rambam the Torah has a definite meaning which is fixed for all time.