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Bezmenov   Link to Roosh

My comments: That is great that you saw that fellow's utubes. I thought he was totally forgotten. He was absolutely right and I wish more people had heeded his warning. Sadly the KGB got to him. They found him because he was on the radio in Canada.
There was a KGB agent whose job was to monitor the radio in the USA England and Canada and report anything significant to his bosses. Well that is how they found him. He sadlly did not last long after that. It would be great if people were more aware of what he said.

A comment:
Anyone know how, or even WHEN, Bezmenov died?
I once posted a question on Yahoo Answers asking "how did Yuri Bezmenov die?" and I was immediately BANNED.
Bezmenov's Wikipedia entry mentions nothing about his death, and there seems to be nothing anywhere online about it. 

    • Me:
      There was a blog called "The Useless Dissent" that I had a link a long time ago. I was sure that Bezmenov was right and shocked that no one paid attention to him. Someone from the KGB worked at listening to broadcasts from the USA and Canada. He heard him and passed the information on to his superior. Bezmenov was then killed as the regular policy was in those days. There was more info a few years ago, but info on the internet tends to disappear quickly. Some information was never put on line and you had to know the people involved to put the picture together.

    If you look up Scientology you might be able to find a link to the English translation of a document that provided the handbook of the KGB for subverting the USA that Scientology utilized in pursuing its own goals.
    The people in the KGB that were not directly involved did not think the KGB had the resources to subvert the USA by the strategies outlined by Bezmenov. But I think that they were simply compartmentalized and did not see the big strategy.

    How likely is it the Left after perverting the USA, will give up power willingly? Thus, I suggest to all Americans to arm themselves. Thus to make sure that if martial law is declared, and the election of Trump is invalidated, then regular Americans have  away of defending themselves.