The problem is Islam is the greatest threat to the survival of the human race.

There are many verses in the Q'ran calling for violence against unbelievers, the jihadists quote as they behead and enslave. There is a long tradition of scholarly interpretation and military implementation of those verses over centuries - not only by 20 year-olds but by imams, mullahs, sheikhs, and great Islamic empires. 

Those who persist in claiming that Islam is a religion of peace at the least have a lot of explaining to do. They have a huge weight of evidence, textual and historical, to contend with. 

Good luck to those who seek to persuade other Muslims of their "religion of peace" view! I pray for their safety and success. Those Muslims that really believe in the golden rule, I wish them well and pray for their health and success. But they are not following Islam, they are following Western ideals.

The problem is Islam is the greatest threat to the survival of the human race since that volcano eruption 75000 years ago almost wiped out our entire species. That was just one volcano. Imagine what the Islamic Atom Bomb could do to us. People that do not realize this simply have their heads in the sand, teh sands of Saudi Arabia money buying off our politicians.
 Believe me when i tell you the reason Germany has let in the new Islamic invasion, the reason George Bush claimed after the deadliest attack on American soil that Islam is a religion of peace--believe me when I tell you is is all about the Billions of dollars that Saudi Arabia buys our politicians with. Follow the money trail.