The cult that the Gra signed the excommunication on always lie about everything,- especially Torah. They use true things to promote lies. They mix a little truth with the lies so it all sounds plausible.

.The cult that the Gra signed the  excommunication on
The reason they lie about everything is because they are schizo personality types  and their leaders have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. hyper-graphia, hatred of sex, obsessive compulsion disorders, and are malicious. That is they intend to do harm. But they get the appearance of ‘doing good.’This  has a seductive appeal because it gives the ‘moral high ground.’ This moral high ground is then exploited to shame and barrage anyone who disagrees into oblivion
I do not think one should have a rav because they do not teach Torah. The Mishna (that one should have a rav) was referring to a rav at the time of the Mishna when there was ordination from Sinai. And furthermore there are further problems with ravs nowadays. I am not sure how to explain what is the problem but these are well known. Everyone besides themselves knows that everything they say has some agenda. You can't trust them to tell you what the Torah says
They think they are doing a favor for Reb Nachman by worshiping him
Reb Natan his disciple was a classical case of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Obsession with hared of sex, hyper-graphia. Obsession with religion. In any case, there was one person that was asked how he managed to stay married for a long time, when nowadays that is uncommon. He answered,I made sure my wife never talked with any religious teacher. Religious teachers today are extremely dangerous when it comes to keeping ones family together and to raise a healthy, wholesome family. I have been around the block enough times to know this in my own experience and many many other people's. Especially the cult that the Gra signed the  excommunication on . You think to gain something by their blessing? It is all an illusion only to vanish after some time
The closest you can get to the idea of a real rav is if there is a person that is actively teaching Talmud daily in a Litvak yeshiva. That kind of rav is OK. The cult that the Gra signed the  excommunication on are bad people and we need to take back the Torah. The real, Torah. Religious teachers are as corrupt and crooked as a snakes, but much more dangerous. Because when one follows them he or she think he or she is doing a mitzvah. It is true that a mishna in Pirkei Avot can be used in a false way to support this conspiracy to divert Judaism into a cult of worship of the great leader. All one needs to do is get together with a few other criminals  and agree to start giving each other ordination. Then you have a mishna that tells everyone that they have to listen to a rav about all important matters in life. Even if none of these people know anything about Torah, they still get the immense authority given by this mishna over everyoneAuthentic ordination ended in the middle of the age of the amoraim (sages of the Talmud).] So the only people that get the title are only those that do not know the Torah even at the most minimal level, or are false and devious enough to know the fact and yet ignore them.Temporal lobe epilepsy is an important model of behavioral change that accounts for the overarching  increased religious interests, hypergraphia (obsesive need to write), increased moral and philosophical concerns,  and lack of humor. Hate of sexuality. Norman Geschwind. Many of Geschwind’s observations and formulations regarding this topic were highly developed in 1974, reflecting his long-standing interest in behavioral changes in epilepsy
Appendix bout Halacha. Halacha.  It is hard to give a good idea of what Halacha is. Clearly the first problem is the charlatans that claim to know it. But even if we could clear away all the trash it still is hard to get to Halacha because it has to come from the Gemara. Without knowing from where it comes inside the Gemara itself there is no halacha that comes out right. Context is everything. The way I approached Shabat was to learn masechta itself with Rashi, Tosphot, Maharasha. And besides that I had a learning partner with whom I did the Gemara, Rif, Rosh and the Shiltei Giborim on the Rif and the Tur Beit Yoseph. To my way of thinking this is the only way to do Halacha. And I am not alone in this opinion. The Maharshal wrote that it is better to poskin from the Gemara itself rather than any compilation of halacha even if one get the halacha wrong. And he wrote that specifically on the Rambam. The Maharsha wrote in a similar vein about those that poskin from the Shulchan Aruch (The large Shulchan Aruch with all the commentaries) even with knowledge of the commentaries. He wrote that it is proper to rebuke them and they are causing many people to sin. The disciple of the Gra, Reb Chaim from Voloshin wrote a response disagreeing with a pesak of some famous religious teacher and added "We only go by the law of the Gemara.There are no shortcuts to Halacha. No one has a right to an opinion in Halachah unless they have done the work. Everyone has the right to an opinion but no one has the right to an uninformed opinion.

If you want to have an opinion in the Laws of Shabat, then go through tractate Shabat with Rashi Tosphot Mahrasha Maharam from Lublin and the the Rif, Rosh, Tur, Beit Yoseph from start to finish. Every last word. Ah you say you don't have time? Then cancel your TV programs and make time. You don't have the right to an uninformed opinion