There are two aspects of yeshiva. There are yeshivas that are the equivalent of Ivy League schools. And they are similar in that they lead to advancement --not in money but in other not so tangible  things. The top one in this category is obviously Ponovitch,- with Brisk being a close second.
The great NY yeshivas don't have the same reputation as these two yeshivas in Israel
but still are what I would call Ivy league. [Chaim Berlin, Mir, Torah VeDaat]
There is another aspect of the whole thing that is really an escape from the harshness of the outside world.
These are two opposing dynamics that you can find  in sometimes the same yeshiva. Both the striving to be Ivy league and also the striving to escape from the harshness of reality.

In a practical vein this simply means it is best to go to what is really an Ivy league yeshiva because that is where you find the real Torah. There are many other places that are simply places for people to escape from reality and yet at the same time to claim they are Ivy league.

typical hasid from a hasidic yeshiva