1)The way I learn Gemara is based on the idea that I have limited time each day. It is not the same thing as for a yeshiva student who can spend the whole day on Gemara.
The way I do it is I look at one whole "sugia."(subject) And every sugia in Shas has as a rule a sister sugia and maybe a few sisters.
So if you are like me and you have only about one hour per day this is what you do. You take the one half a page that is your starting sugia and you read through it with Rashi, Tosphot, Maharsha, Maharam of Lublin and the Rif and Nemukai Joseph. If you have time you add a few achronim like Rav Shach or Reb Chaim. If you read about the same speed as I do that altogether should take about one full hour. So for today you have done about as much as you can do. The next day you go back over the exact same material again.  You do that for about a week and then you go over to the sister sugia. Based on probability that sister sugia will probably be also about a half a page [one amud --one full column ]
2) This way is totally different from what a yeshiva student should do but since not everyone in the world is a yeshiva student it is important to know and do this method.
3) To some degree this idea is well known in the secular world. It is the reason why in high school you have 40 minute classes. And this 40 minute method has advantages and disadvantages. When I was in high school I found it terribly frustrating. It seems to pull me in all directions. So when I finally got to a NY yeshiva and was able to concentrate on one subject all day I was very very happy.
But nowadays when I am not in yeshiva I find this one hour approach to be amazingly effective.
4) Yeshiva is a different world and what one should do there is stick with the order that is set there. But much effort is needed to find a good Litvak yeshiva. When it comes to yeshiva one should not be fooled by the frauds. When it comes to Torah one must insist on authenticity. If it is not authentic is it worst than a waste of time. It is Sitra Achra. [The Dark Side.]