The major questions about values are: 1) When values conflict what to do. 2) How to decide what is a good value.  3) Even if something is a good value does it apply to this specific individual?

[I am assuming here a polynomic theory ofvalue as in the Kelley Ross Approach]

If there would be only one value then this would not be relevant.  The Rambam held one should do one of two things learn Torah or be involved in an honest vocation.

My own conflicts in the areas of value I solve by the common sense approach of my parents and with input from the Torah, Talmud and Musar books. That basically boils down to the idea of learning Musar (mediaeval ethics) books of Israel Salanter because Musar really resolves these issues very well.  With Musar you get resolution of areas of conflict and hoe to apply the values of the Torah to yourself. So what I recommend is to attend a Musar Litvak kind of Yeshiva for about four years to get the basic approach of Torah embedded in one's self.