Connection with one's father and mother

Connection with one's father and mother is deeper than most people accept. The main way to see  this is in Isaac Luria's Shar Ruach HoKodesh where he goes  into the idea that one's inner light that comes from one's mother and outer light that come from one's father. 
The outer light provides the protection.
The problem is when one's parents are not so great or perhaps worse.

The Torah never even suggests honor towards religious teachers.
Yet the command to honor one's parents is ignored, while honor towards religious teachers is elevated as a direct command.

Reb Nachman noticed the fact that religious teachers are not trustworthy of relaying to us what the Torah says. He used a harsh kind of terminology to describe them. תלמידי חכמים שדיים יהודאיים. Torah scholars that are demons. But obviously he had some kind of deep thought about this. He was not just picking out a nice sounding insult. That means at some point he felt that people that make their living by being religious, gain a kind of satanic presence inside of them.

The religious world is messed up. Therefore a person with religious interest ought to be very careful to which group to join or be involved with. Straight honest Torah ought to be the criterion--that is the general approach of the Litvak yeshiva which basically says "We do not have any (שיטות) doctrines. What ever the Torah says, that is our doctrine."

The religious are the most possible corrosive force  for one's own family, life, vocation and the Jewish nation. The main rule is keep them out. Their pretense of keeping Torah is terrifying.

It is not as if the religious do not know what the Ten Commandments mean by Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not  bear false witness, Honor thy father and they mother. Rather they could not care any less what the Torah says. They only care to make the Jewish people into a caste system with them at the top and everyone else enslaved and impoverished.