T47 E flat major That is a celesta in the middle. All the songs in these pieces are original in the sense that they have never been written or heard before. But in everything after the E and G series I look at old tunes from the Renaissance or later and change them in ways that make sense to me. [The original tune is in the bass clef.] So I am not claiming they are original. Nor am I claiming Divine inspiration. I am no Mozart. I simply like to write music and I love to rite music and to me this is the peak of my life. I was doing this a long time before I could share anything with others on the internet. Now I am grateful to God that He allows me to share. But I am not making any claims to originality. I definitely borrow  and then change in ways that make sense to me.

 I also tried for years to play Mozart's and Bach scores on a violin and this way I gained some small amount of ideas of how they would develop a theme. And sometimes I try to use make use of their ideas. Again I make no claim to originality.  My only claim is I am grateful to God that he grants to me to write Music and also to share it.

And I am sorry if I do not have the names of all the people I owe the original ideas of these pieces to. Mainly they are Renaissance [Italy] and also Irish and German. I try to avoid this problem the books on the Gemara where in most cases I gave credit to my learning partner [David Bronson] when an idea was his. But credit goes to him anyway because before I learned with him I had no ideas in the Gemara at all. Learning with him kind of awakened that aspect in me.