the Law of Moses.

Socialism and Communism really are not from the Law of Moses. Not the Oral or Written Law. Someone  mentioned that when people lose their faith (God forbid) then they become socialists. That explanation made a lot of sense to me.  The right to private ownership is much embedded in the Law of Moses.

[Though I was raised as a Reform Jew, clearly there were aspect of Reform that my parents did not hold with like the social justice bit. One way to understand Reform is that Natural Law is a part of Torah.  But Natural Law is  a bit ambiguous --to say the least. When Kant and Hegel got on the scene things became I think even more obscure. I think it was natural to get blown away by Hegel and that is what I think cause a lot of people to go for Socialism. Hegel still is formidable.] In any case I think I would have naturally gravitated towards socialism if not for seeing that the Torah has a different point of view. 

My own view is that Hegel should really not be the focus of attention. Rather when it gets to be time to learn the subject of Metaphysics the best would be Aristotle Plato and Kant. But only after finishing Shas with Rashi, Tosphot, Maharsha, and Maharam from Lublin.