The amount of time and effort that have gone into my two little booklets on Bava Metzia and on Shas surprises me. I would not have thought that it would take the amount of time that it did. And even if I had spent that time, but not have had my learning partner David Bronson, I am certain nothing would have been written.
The whole project started around ten years ago which is when I started learning with David. I had been out of Gemara learning in depth for some period of time so when I sat down with him and started learning again it surprised me greatly the depth of his questions and answers. It reminded me of my first yeshiva Shar Yashuv when I was learning Ketuboth  and heard amazing depth from Naphtali Yeger.

This gave me an insight into Gemara learning and also has a side benefit that I realize how long and how much effort is needed to approach Physics and Math also.

People get the idea in school that if they do not get something right away that they are not fit for it. I realize now that that is wrong Some subjects simply take a long time and lots of effort.

It took a lot of trials also. You have to get through a lot to be able to see the truth and  value of the Torah.