repent on our sins and to start to learn Torah,

No matter who wins, my recommendation is to repent on our sins and to start to learn Torah, the Oral and Written Law of Moses. In particular to begin a session in Gemara and another session in Musar every day. [Musar is ethics from the Middle Ages.]

Torah will survive.

It does look like Socialism will win. The Ghost of Marx has now come to the USA. Still Torah will go on.

I should mention I also hold like the Rambam like physics and metaphysics are important. I also believe that Physics should be done first thing in the morning when one wakes up based on the importance the Rambam gives to it. [Also as one gets older it is harder to spend as much time learning. I find if I can get an hour in that is already about as good as it gets for me. So the morning when one is fresh is the important time to do Physics. 

I should mention also that Yeshivas can be  a help for learning but since they are  institutions they can be an hindrance also. The best bet is to do one's Torah study at home where one is not dependent on how he will be treated in a public place with lots of people around like yeshivas.