Musar and Gemara [Talmud].

 The constant barrage of propaganda via the media in the USA definitely gets to a person whether he likes it or not.  There is an effect. 
It was this exact thing that Reb Israel Salanter wanted to turn around for the good. That is he saw constant exposure to a certain social meme has an inevitable effect. He saw this in Reb Shmuel of Salant who was a great tzadik and had come to his level by means of learning Musar [Medieval Ethics].  

What I recommend thus is Musar and Gemara [Talmud].

I also have a view that prophecy ended after the first temple was destroyed. Also that Ravina and Rav Ashi were סוף הוראה the end of the period when a Halachic decision could be made. These are both statements from the Talmud itself. That is modern efforts to claim these gifts are illegitimate. [This is the reason why later halacha books try to prove their point from the Talmud. Because רבינא ורב אשי סוף הוראה ]
There are lots of ways that people try to claim these gifts for themselves but we already know from the Talmud to ignore them. What ever signs and wonders they show are from the Sitra Achra-the Dark Side.
Anyone who has studied cults to any considerable degree will note that the
founders of such groups will not go very far in increasing
their membership by making ordinary or every day claims-they must promise
something extraordinary.

The trouble is the dark side has not just managed to worm its way into the religious world but rather to take it over completely. The religious teachers all teach Torah of the Dark Side. If one really wants to be loyal to Torah the worst thing is to have anything to do with the religious with their false religiosity.
Not only that but we know from toxo-plasmosis that there are parasites that effect one's mind. Just hanging out with the religious induces insanity.  That is if you do not have an authentic Litvak yeshiva in town there is then no other option but to learn at home. But one must avoid the religious at all cost.

[I  would not have the gumption  to mention this if not for the fact that the daughter of Bava Sali thought that I have to ability to say things that would be listened to.  Therefore I have to obligation to say the truth even though it is uncomfortable for people to hear it.]

Since it is difficult to find a place of authentic Torah, the best thing is to get your own: Avi Ezri of Rav Shach.