One of the advantages of having a learning partner is Talmud is you get to discuss side issues. I learned a lot about health from my learning partner.
These are some lessons I learned from him.

So you need a good night's rest. Maybe get "Gaba" which is a natural supplement which helps to go to sleep at night. You should be able to find it in heath food stores. They also have something here [Ukraine] called Donormyl which I find helps me go to sleep at night even when there is noise outside my bedroom. Getting enough sleep is important for your health.
[The Donormyl idea I got from a pharmacist  in Uman--not from my learning partner].

 Headaches are probably from lack of good diet. For one thing you need to concentrate mainly on raw vegetables and black bread and try to avoid anything with chemical additives. Also you need fresh air and exercise every day. I feel confident that if you do this you will see your health improve.   Walking is great exercise but you might try jogging also. 

I have no idea who looks at this blog or why. In any case I will be away for a few days. Maybe I will be able to access some computer-I do not know.